America Heard to host virtual viewing party February 20

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Copy Editing and Posting by Elena Cronick

America Heard, a collaboratively made web series of short documentary films created by filmmakers across the nation in the wake of the 2016 election, will host a virtual viewing party from 8 to 10 p.m. on February 20.

The event will feature two films from America Heard’s Presidents’ Day release & three films from the web series Inaugural Day release. In between the films, members of the filmmaking teams will participate in discussions moderated by Violet Lucca, Digital Editor at Film Comment Magazine. Another segment of the program will be a conversation with the founding members of America Heard: Cheree Dillon, Emily Harold and Veena Rao.

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The Game (OH – District 12)

>> Synopsis: In many ways, the 2016 election unfolded like a college football game. It was a violent spectacle where political discourse was reduced to entertainment and the tribal passions normally reserved for American sports animated each side.

>> Filmmakers: Producer Mandi Gorenstein (District 12, OH) is a Canadian/American non-fiction TV Producer. | Shooter/Sound Cristian Rossel (District 8, MD) is a Shooter/Producer for VICE News. | Editor Mike Gerbino (District 25, NY) is an editor that works predominantly with MTV.

Conversation with the founding members of America Heard Project

Parts and Labor (IL-5)  Premiere on Feb 20

>> Synopsis: In a mom-and-pop hardware store in a Chicago neighborhood, a Honduran-American skateboarder, a Puerto Rican mother, an Irish-American teenager, and a Russian-American store owner find a way to work together post-election despite their differing political views.

QA with Bing Liu

>> Filmmakers: Producer/Director Bing Liu (District 4, IL)  is a China-born Chicago-based director and cinematographer finishing his debut feature documentary called Minding the Gap with Kartemquin Film. | Camera/Drone Operator David Leroy Thomas (District 4, IL)

Joe Doesn’t Vote (NJ-6)

>> Synopsis: Joe, an unregistered voter, pumps iron at the gym he maintains while expressing concern that the electoral process divides people rather than uniting them.

QA with Directors Dylan Hansen-Fliedner & Kenny Suleimanagich

>> Filmmakers: Director Dylan Hansen-Fliedner (District 6, NJ) grew up in NJ’s 6th District and now makes movies like Driving Not Knowing (2015) and Finding Babel(2016).| Director Kenny Suleimanagich (District 37, CA) is a filmmaker living and working in New York City whose work is primarily done with 16mm motion picture film. | Composer Tom Casey (District 6, NJ)

Defying the Norms (NC-7)

>> Synopsis: Aaliyah Foor, 19, feels the pressure of some of her peers to vote based on the color of her skin and her sexual orientation. However, she refuses to allow her vote to conform to a left-leaning agenda.

QA with Julia Wall 

>> Filmmaker: Julia Wall (District 4, NC) is a freelance video journalist from Wilmington, NC and is currently based in Carrboro, NC.

Elector (NC-4) Premiere on Feb 20

>> Synopsis: Lee Green, a Jewish Republican in North Carolina’s 4th district, was once a Democrat. Now, her staunch support of Israel as well as other causes have led her to become a leader and elector in the Republican Party in North Carolina.

QA w/ Directors Anna Clare Spelman & Bridgette Cyr 

>> Filmmakers: Anna Clare Spelman is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based between Phoenix, Arizona, and North Carolina. She is passionate about women’s health and immigration rights. | Bridgette Cyr is a Park Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Visual Communications. Her work explores political and ecological influences on immigration.

It’s vital that we start to hear other voices and film has the capacity to do just that. It can connect us to people in places we don’t usually go. Through the amazing power of film, we have the opportunity to open up our eyes and ears to bridge political and geographic divides. We believe America Heard will encourage visitors to get outside of their bubbles by experiencing other points of view, one film at a time. We hope this project inspires our viewers to raise questions and start their own conversations.

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