Share Your Work

Thank you for your interest in working with agnès films! Before you submit a request, there are a few things that we want to be sure you’re aware of:

  • We are a small staff that is working with limited funds. The only members of our staff who are paid are the students on our editorial team, and the majority of our funding comes from grants that Michigan State University generously provides to support our work. All of our staff writers are volunteers who donate their time and expertise due to their love of film, which means that it may take some time to get to your piece. That being said, we do our best to provide coverage to everyone who requests it.
  • Once a staff writer has agreed to cover a review or an interview, we will ask for access to a full screener of your work (if it’s a finished project). The only members of our staff who will have access to the screener are our editorial team and the staff writer working on your piece. Every member of our staff adheres to strict privacy regulations and respects the press embargo.
  • If your film is not complete or you would rather not share a screener, there are other options for press that we can provide to you. You could write an article in which you discuss the film itself and/or the process of making it, you could write a how-to article that gives advice about a particular area of filmmaking/distribution/marketing expertise that you have, or you could write an autobiographical member narrative that talks about your life as it relates to filmmaking and film itself. You can find more information about the possible options below, and be sure to specify which option you are most interested in when you are filling out the form.
  • Following advice from our legal counsel, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, because we have such a small staff, occasionally issues arise and we are not able to provide all of the coverage that is requested. We try our best, but just know that there is no guarantee of coverage until a staff writer has agreed to cover your piece.

Now that we’ve gone over all of that, please complete this brief form to tell us about your project or news item. agnès films publishes interviews, reviews, essays, filmmaker narratives, filmmaking advice, and news items. Take a look at the information below to find out more about each option.


A member of the agnès films team will interview you about your film and filmmaking experience. The interview will be posted on our site along with trailers, stills, and behind the scenes photos.


We provide feminist constructive analysis of recent films in the form of reviews.


Featuring individuals writing about their own work and critics writing about the work of others, our essay section allows members to share their approach to making their work, the meaning of their work, why their work is feminist, and much more. For a better idea of the type of essays we publish, visit our Women and Feminist Filmmakers page.

Filmmaker Narratives

We also provide the opportunity for members to share their experiences in the form of narratives. In the past, we have featured member narratives from directors, curators, film scholars, and more. These narratives allow our members to share how they’ve gotten to where they are now, challenges they’ve faced, and experiences navigating the film industry, among many others.

Filmmaking Advice

As filmmakers we each have our own unique experiences and at agnès films we believe that sharing such experiences is beneficial for all members of our community. By sharing advice from your own filmmaking experiences you can help us continue our work of providing support to emerging and established women and feminist filmmakers.

News Items

We aim to feature work created with a woman in a key crew role—director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer. We are especially interested in work created by women of color and/or LGBTQ, working class, and disabled women.

However, we also feature films that were not created by women but offer feminist and women-centric stories and perspectives.

With a network of over 1,500 filmmakers, critics, film festival organizers, academics, and film lovers. We are interested in the following:

  • film screenings
  • award announcements
  • publications by members of our community,
  • job postings,
  • festivals seeking and/or screening work by women filmmakers,
  • calls for papers for conferences related to film production,
  • feminism and women’s issues

Because news items are often time-sensitive, we ask that an image with captions be ready for publication.

If you would like to share your work, contact us by completing this brief form to tell us about your project or news item. We look forward to working with you.