America Heard is looking for filmmakers

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America Heard‘s team is looking for filmmakers to create politically-oriented documentary shorts that will add their community’s voice to the web series. Deadline for submissions: President’s Day, February 19th, 2018.

What issues stirred up in the nation are impacting your community? Whose voices in your community are not represented in the national conversation?

Join the America Heard challenge to take a risk and seek out someone with a political persuasion or background different from yours.

Interested in contributing a film? Sign-up now to take part in the America Heard challenge here.

Want to see how America Heard is a platform for the diverse stories of people living in the 435 congressional districts throughout America? Take a look at the brand new sizzle reel.

Got questions about film criteria or review process? Send an email to:

The goal is to have, at least, one film from each of the country’s 435 congressional districts. #435Voices, 1 #AmericaHeard.

America Heard is a nonpartisan web series of politically-oriented documentary shorts, contributed by filmmakers across the country. The web series was co-founded by Cheree Dillon, Veena Rao, and Emily Harrold in response to the 2016 election. Filmmakers were asked to pick-up their cameras and reach across political divisions to tell the personal stories behind people’s votes. With the midterm elections on the horizon, the focus is turning towards conversations about how communities are being impacted by issues stirred up in our nation. Get involved. Contribute a film. Visit: