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Marie, Dylan, and Adrien behind the scenes
Marie Ullrich

This interview is part of our double feature on Marie Ullrich. Also see Katie Grimes’s review of Marie’s film The Alley Cat. The character of Jasper, a tough yet vulnerable Chicago bike messenger, is at the center of your short film Faster! and your feature The Alley Cat. Can you tell us where the inspiration for Jasper came […]

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  • Stacie and Troche InterviewInterview with Stacie Passon and Rose Troche, director and producer of Concussion

    Abby’s either on her way out or on her way back in or she will continue hooking and all of the choices will be fine, but I think the central question of the film is, “ I belong to only you but you don’t want me,” and that is where the film ends for me—that is the resolution and acknowledgment of the question in 93 minutes.

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    MARA foto
    Mara Ravins

    An Artist is an Artist is an Artist I have always needed to creatively express and explore. I feel blessed to have grown up in an era when we were able to wander off and play outside way past suppertime. We had freedom, which created fantasy and fearlessness. We fought battles in the empty ravines […]