CFP: Special Guest-Edited Issue of [in]Transition on Latin American cinema and film cultures

by Michael Talbott

Guest Editors: Nicolas Poppe, Middlebury College
Michael Talbott, Castleton University

Videographic criticism has recently emerged as an exciting new mode of film scholarship, allowing one to write not simply on films, but with them. Through experimentation with a wide-range of styles and affects, many of which lie outside what is able to be expressed by the written word, those practicing videographic criticism have just begun to explore its possibilities. In this special issue of [in]Transition, we aim to provide a space for the application of this emerging and generative mode of scholarly expression to Latin American cinema and film cultures.

We are especially interested in videographic work that sets itself apart from traditional modes of scholarship on Latin American cinema. As Eric Faden has described, videographic work “moves scholarship beyond just creating knowledge and takes on an aesthetic, poetic function. Critical media, unlike say the traditional journal article, should evoke the same pleasure, mystery, allure, and seduction as the very movies that initiated our scholarly inquiry.” Insofar as the essays included in this special issue will shape meaning through the sights and sounds of their object(s) of study, they need not replicate the ways in which we have traditionally written on cinema and/or film cultures.

So as to open videographic work to as broad of an audience as possible, we invite submissions that engage with the any aspect of Latin American cinema and film cultures. Submissions must be submitted in English, the language in which [in]Transition is published; however, in the spirit of accessibility, submissions with an accompanying version in Spanish and/or Portuguese are especially welcome. Please direct any questions to the guest editors, Nicolas Poppe and Michael Talbott. For submission guidelines, consult the [in]Transition website. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2016.

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