Women & Language Call for Media Reviews

Women & Language invites reviews on current media and digital resources that critically address the theme of the upcoming Spring 2011 issue on gendered perspectives on humanitarian aid and social justice. Relevant media might include:

Humanitarian and social justice websites, blogs and vlogs
Digital performance scholarship
Educational or documentary films or audio programs
Multimedia productions

This special issue addresses the contemporary experience of global humanitarian crises, including (but not limited to) the tsunamis in South Asia, earthquakes in China and more recently in Haiti, genocide in Northern Africa, and hurricanes in the Atlantic Gulf. Along with raising complex questions on how best to address the challenges involved in providing immediate relief, these disasters have also made visible the underlying conditions of oppression and inequity that the people affected by these crises often experience on a daily basis.

We encourage reviews that critically examine media resources engaging the complexity of humanitarian responses locally and globally and/or address social justice issues related to gendered political, social, and economic inequities. Reviews should highlight the value or contribution of such media resources for ongoing analyses by scholars of gender, language, and communication and offer critical reflection on opportunities for further research.

Submissions: An electronic file of the review should be sent to Media Reviews Editor Allyson Jule at allyson.jule@twu.ca.

Length: Reviews should be approximately 750 words, unless the editor has authorized a longer review or has requested a review essay.

Style: Each review should be headed by complete bibliographic information following APA Guidelines, 6th edition.

Please address questions to Media Reviews Editor Allyson Jule at allyson.jule@twu.ca.

DEADLINE: March 18, 2011