“WE SPEAK HERE” Online Film Festival Call For Entries | June 2014

CFElogoforagnesWHAT IS “WE SPEAK, HERE”: An event which aspires to bring an intimate view from life of another fellow being, reflecting our own challenges and opportunities for individual growth and transformation – revealing light & shadows of our present existence, and exploring life’s purpose for human existence.

Share that story of the ‘self’ within, which moved you or helped you discover views into humanity’s personhood. Enable that human life story to reach global audiences and allow them to reward you for your contribution to their quest in life, with your art of story-sharing.


With the launch of the current festival, Culture Unplugged Studios is now ready to organize the next film festival, ‘We Speak, Here…’ , which aspires to bring intimate stories about/from the life of an individual – a personal anecdote on observing, waking, healing or transforming the self – the myriad expressions, dark & light, of human mind, body & soul, as a response to life within & without. The festival hopes to inspire us all to reflect on human life and its journey so far, and search for our individual purpose that can guide the legend we are to create & contribute to our humanity. We request to share that personal film/story with ‘we’ wishing to know you, him or her as ‘me’.

With this effort, we wish to align with individual filmmakers as well as independent film producers/distributors of special projects designed for the mission that is attuned to the festival focus.

We believe independent cinema carries an authentic voice and vision that needs to be shared and delivered to a seeking and eager community worldwide. Culture Unplugged is establishing the infrastructure necessary for this. We wish to establish a meaningful partnership with the filmmaking community—the harbingers of spiritual cultural transformation, to serve this mission.

To submit your film, please go through the following information:


1) Films on: The beauty or the shadow within and its extension into our personal relationships; Present human ethos/viewpoints on intimacy, relationships, family structures and the new/enlightened ideas/visions about its future; Documented case-studies of expressive art therapy; Individual bio-psycho-spiritual health challenge (life experienced through it) and stories of recoveries, transformation, transcendence; Biographies of individuals (known or unknown members of human community) who lived or are living socio-culturally radical lives.

2) Any form: Films of any length (shorts and features)

3) Film projects which are open to non-exclusive distribution (online/webcast, worldwide).

4) Films which are in English or suitably subtitled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome). Multiple submissions are welcome.

5) Entries for selection are required to be sent in DVD format only. Unfortunately, the festival will not be able to return the submitted DVDs. To facilitate customs procedures, the entry package from overseas should be labeled “Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value.”

6) For festival participation, Films must fit the festival theme and criteria.

7) All Films rewarded by the audience are showcased under ‘Previous Winners’ section of the site. A winning film can be removed upon request after a minimum of two years since the date of winning. As the festival is bound to follow international fund transfer formalities, all requested documents for reward remittance clearance will need to be furnished by all winning films.


Please fill out the form at http://www.cultureunplugged.com/festival/submit.php

and mail the DVD’s to any one of the locations mentioned in the submit page.


Submission Date: To participate in this festival, please send the DVD latest by 7th MAY 2014. You can also send it later than the above-mentioned date, to participate in future festivals.

FESTIVAL VENUE : http://www.cultureunplugged.com

(At present, this venue is running the film festival : Spirit Enlightened – where we collectively observe the evolutionary impulse and the divine consciousness working through the human spirit – to intuit and usher the greater new ‘self’.)