Support Venezuelan Cinema by Making This Woman Filmmaker’s Project a Reality

Developmentally Edited by Alexandra Hidalgo
Copy Edited and Posted by Megan Elias

According to the New York Times, inflation in Venezuela is projected to reach an unfathomable 10 million percent in 2019, and food and medicine shortages have become the new normal for most people. With the political and economic situation in Venezuela as unstable as it is, now more than ever artists and filmmakers need support to fuel their passion.

Amanda Pérez is a young award-winning Venezuelan director, screenwriter, and cinematographer, and needs support to make her first feature film, Gloria. Amanda has worked closely with Alexandra Hidalgo, the editor-in-chief of agnes films, for over a year as director of photography of the Venezuelan crew of her documentary The Weeping Season.

Gloria follows a young woman whose final family gathering before emigrating from Venezuela is interrupted by violent political protests. Gloria was selected alongside five other film projects from all over Latin America to take part in the Screenplay Lab of the BioBio Film Festival in Chile from April 22 to 27. This is a high honor and thrilling opportunity for a first-time filmmaker, and any contribution towards Amanda’s campaign will help provide resources to make Gloria a success.

You can support the film by donating to her Indiegogo campaign for Gloria. By helping this film come to the screen, you will help a young, talented woman get the story of Venezuela the attention it needs. When suffering happens far away, it’s easy to feel disconnected, but even small actions have the power to change a life and can lead to something profound and impactful.