Launch of #SeeHerNow Campaign to Support Female Filmmakers

Below is a call to action from Melissa Silverstein, founder and editor of Women and Hollywood. Join the conversation and support women filmmakers by taking part in the #SeeHerNow campaign!


Dear friends —

This week marks the launch of the #SeeHerNow campaign in support of female filmmakers with the launch of the annual Women and Hollywood infographic on women filmmakers in Cannes. The numbers are low. Over the last decade, only 9% of films in the main competition and only 17% of Un Certain Regard have been directed by women.

Cannes is a focal point of this campaign because it gets so much media attention. Women make up 50% of the world and in the US, at least, are 50% of the filmgoers. We know that Cannes is not the only problem, but it does illuminate a worldwide issue that continues to befall female filmmakers which is: the higher you go in prestige and money, the less you see them. This must change.

Here’s what we are asking for you to do

  1. RT and/or post this infographic on all your social media sites using the #SeeHerNow
  2. Follow the campaign on twitter @seehernow
  3. RT and use the #SeeHerNow to help us amplify the message regarding women in the film industry especially from now through the end of Cannes on May 24
  4. Join our thunderclap campaign and be a part of unleashing a mass group tweet in support of female filmmakers next Wednesday as the Cannes Film Festival starts.
  5. Get people to join the coalition here.

The goal is to use our collective voices to encourage the film business — and the world — to see the amazing female filmmakers out there.


Melissa Silverstein
Founder and Editor
SeeHerNow Cannes Infographic