Freckles Film Official Selection at the 12th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival

DenisePM Head

Denise Papas Meechan

New York, NY: Freckles screening 13 August 2016 at noon at TCL Chinese Theatre 6925 Hollywood Boulevard , Hollywood, CA 90046

The official selections for the 12th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival have been announced. More than 300 of the world’s best short films will be showcased during the annual celebration, which has emerged as one of the leading discovery platforms for the next generation of storytellers in Los Angeles.

Among the official selections is Freckles—a psychological drama exploring the impact of cultural beauty standards on women. It follows a body dysmorphia-suffering virgin’s psychological decline. Freckles makes a powerful statement about the possible damaging effects cultural beauty standards may have on women. Body shaming and the dysmorphia that it may breed are a horrific reality women and men must all face in this social media world—and one that is not usually represented in cinematic art forms.

Freckles comes straight from its international premiere at Cannes Film Festival. It will screen in the “Women in Film” Section” at noon on Saturday August 13 that highlights an impressive list of the HollyShorts’ choice of “female filmmakers to watch in 2017.”  Empowering women is equally as important to director/writer/producer Denise Papas Meechan as making layered and interesting female characters lead in her films.

Whilst in Cannes, she spoke at the Diversity in Cannes panel to spearhead ideas of how to include more women and under-represented filmmakers in Hollywood.

HollyShorts Film Festival director and co-founder Daniel Sol commented:

“HollyShorts is truly the filmmakers’ festival and we are delighted to present one of the most competitive program competitions in the history of this festival. Our Grand Jury winner last year was nominated for the Oscar, we expect nothing less from this crop of tremendously talented filmmakers. We can’t wait to welcome everyone at HollyShorts. It’s a must attend for any film lover.”

The HollyShorts schedule is now live and can be seen at The top 12-15 winning films from this year’s competition will receive a one-week theatrical run in theaters following the festival, qualifying them for awards season.