Feminist Film Journal Explores Film, Video, and Video Games

Films for the Feminist Classroom, an online, open access journal, has recently published their latest issue. In the journal’s nearly ten year history, Films for the Feminist Classroom has strived to provide film reviews as tools for pedagogy. As technology and classrooms evolve, FFC has too, expanding its breadth in a new special feature called “Playing and Pedagogy: Theories and Practices for Teaching with Video Games.” This new look at video games explores the rich and diverse world of gaming through the lens of teaching. With these lesson plans, film and video game reviews, and short essays, contributors invite readers to rethink their assumptions about gaming and instead, think about how visual, interactive entertainment can be a useful resource for educators and students.

The rest of issue 9.1 explores 42 films ranging in length from 6 minutes to almost 3 hours, all focusing on social and political issues relevant to teaching. A primary topic is the politics of representation. Specifically, how those seen as “Other” are portrayed in film and other cultural works with an eye toward the role LGBTQ+ people often have in these spaces. There are also several reviews that focus on environmental concerns such as climate change, “factory farming,” and clothing manufacturing. In other pieces, they discuss societal pressure against marginalized groups that manifests in the forms of violence against women and the prison industrial complex.

You can read this new issue on FFC’s website and learn more about them on their Twitter and Facebook. If you have a proposal for a piece that would fit right in at Films for the Feminist Classroom, or would like to suggest coverage for a relevant film festival, take a look at their call for proposals or contact them at ffc@twu.edu. 

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