#DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party Brings Much-Needed Attention to Women Directors This September

behind the scenes, women directing

Photo by Gina Washington

Between September 1 and 30, #DirectedbyWomen is inviting everyone to a Worldwide Film Viewing Party in order to celebrate and recognize the thousands of films, television shows, web series, and all forms of moving images created by women. There are thousands of women directors working today, but most are largely unknown.

The #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party was developed by Barbara Ann O’Leary as a response to how little the work of women film directors is known. This video created by the agnès films video team–Savannah Smith, Sarah Shaw, Lindsey Spitzley, Jenna Ange, and Alexandra Hidalgo–invites people to become more aware of work made my women directors:

The first Worldwide Film Viewing Party ran September 1–15 last year. It succeeded in prompting film-viewing parties around the world, ranging from at-home screenings to a five-day festival and conference in Spain. The initiative inspired many participants to continue screenings and developed cross-cultural relationships.

The #DirectedbyWomen Film Viewing Parties will place thousands of eyes upon the work of some of the nearly 10,000 women directors. To succeed, the initiative depends on participation from around the world. #DirectedbyWomen urges film lovers and feminists to organize and/or attend screenings of these films in their community. These can be house parties, panels, community screenings, film festivals, or any other video-watching event. Participants can find an event or post their own in the #DirectedbyWomen Global Calendar found on the organization’s website. To find out more about Barbara and her work, check out our interview with her.

As Barbara Ann O’Leary explains, “I’m inviting people to realize that if they step back and look at the bigger picture, they’ll see that since the very beginning of cinema women have pursued filmmaking as directors and now we’re at a time where there’s an explosion of filmmaking by women directors. Let’s turn our attention to what they’ve created and are creating.”