CRAZY HOT: The Wet Show, A Comedy Show About Hotness

Press Release by Eileen Hanley
Posted by Iliana Cosme-Brooks

CRAZY HOT: The Wet Show, a comedy show that explores human hotness, one oddball element at a time, debuts at Caveat on July 13, 2021. Always funny, always unexpected, always CRAZY HOT.

You’re here because you want to be hot. Hosts Eileen Hanley and Lauren Aussem are a pair of six-years-into-their-overnight-success comedians and hosts of CRAZY HOT: The Podcast, a juicy romp with special guests who reveal funny and startling truths we all can relate to.

This show? WETNESS. Starting with the regular (a sensible application of lip gloss and highlighter) and gradually heating up to the wild and crazy (a choreographed dance in a completely soaking wet outfit), by show’s end, we will have proven to everyone without a glimmer of a doubt that being wet? Is crazy hot.

Featuring some of NYC’s most awesome comedians, Kenice Mobley, Gara Lonning, Dylan Adler, Chanel Ali, and Lili Michelle Koohestani, this show is for everyone who wants to know how to be hot. Teachers, carpenters, models, bakers, moms. Moms can be wet and hot too! Seamlessly weaving slideshows, sketch, stand-up, singing, and sexy dancing, The Wet Show keeps the audience guessing.

Caveat, 21 A Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

7pm show/doors at 6:30pm

Tickets: $18 in advance/$20 at the door/$5 livestream

Tickets can be purchased here.

Sneak preview images here.

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