Call for Entries: The Indie Fest

The Indie Fest is an independent, top-tier international film awards competition. Their goal is to help independent filmmakers gain publicity and connect with distributors. They offer a $1,000 cash prize and in-kind $4,500 production studio opportunities.  They also have a strong focus on supporting the work of emerging female filmmakers.  In each of their competition they honor one filmmaker with a humanitarian award, whose work focuses strongly on social and environmental topics.

The Indie Fest has three sister competitions:

Indie Fest: The Indie is a virtual festival. It does not have physical screenings. Rather, winners are promoted via targeted press releases to media outlets and The Indie’s email database of more than 25,000 filmmakers and industry insiders. Indie awards go to those filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries. The Indie is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices.

Indie Fest Deadline: October 29, 2010

Accolade Competition: The Accolade recognizes producers, established and emerging, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity. Undiscovered and first-time producers are often recognized. This competition is designed to help winners achieve the recognition and viewers they deserve. Accolade staffers frequently share distribution ideas and industry contacts that help promote the careers of the winning filmmakers.

Accolade Competition Deadline: November 19, 2010

Best Shorts: Best Shorts is an awards competition that recognizes the achievements of short filmmakers worldwide.  The competition gives awards not just for short films, but for other short television, videography, and new media pieces such as: television pilots, public service announcements, commercials, music videos, mobile advertising, podcasts, webcasts, webinars, and so much more! While it is not your typical film festival that screens films, Best Film Shorts strives to give talented directors, producers, videographers, actors, and actresses the positive exposure they need by promoting our award winners through press releases, media outlets, blog entries, and more.

Best Shorts Deadline: December 17, 2010