Enter Now! Earlybird Deadline: April 5, 2011

“…not only does DocuWeeks™ make a film eligible for the Documentary Oscar®…it can also put a film in the running for the PGA, DGA, and WGA Awards…the returns from participating in DocuWeeks are almost infinite.”
–Matthew D. Kallis, Director/Producer, MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS

“…DocuWeeks™ helped put LOUDER THAN A BOMB on the map…bringing it to the attention of distributors, critics, and festival programmers…we are enormously grateful to the IDA…”
–Greg Jacobs & Jon Siskel, Co-Directors/Co-Producers, LOUDER THAN A BOMB

15th Annual DocuWeeks™ Theatrical Documentary Showcases
Los Angeles & New York City
Late Summer 2011 (Specific dates TBA)

Earlybird Deadline: April 5, 2011 $100.00
Regular Deadline: April 19, 2011 $150.00
Late (FINAL) Deadline: May 10, 2011 $250.00

DocuWeeks™ helps to qualify outstanding new feature and short documentaries for Academy Award® consideration, by providing its participants a commercial theatrical exhibition in Los Angeles and New York.

Among other requirements, to be eligible for consideration for the 84th Academy Awards®, a feature documentary film must complete a seven-day commercial theatrical run (screening twice daily) in the County of Los Angeles and in the Borough of Manhattan between September 1, 2010, and December 31, 2011. Short documentaries must complete a seven-day commercial theatrical run (screening once per day) in the County of Los Angeles or in the Borough of Manhattan.

DocuWeeks provides one-week theatrical runs in Los Angeles and New York City, as well as the required advertising and publicity support. If selected to participate in DocuWeeks a participation fee of $4,500 for short films and $14,000 to $20,000 for feature films will be required. See Co-op fees for more inforation. After reaching a minimum in gross ticket sales, films will participate in a ticket sales share program.

Please see the 84th Annual Academy Awards Rules for complete eligibility and Academy Award® application requirements. Each filmmaker is responsible for submitting their Academy Awards® application. IDA will provide the filmmaker with proof of advertisement and theatrical runs for submission to the Academy prior to the Academy deadline.