Announcing the 2013 Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival

Oculus Creations presents the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) 2013 which is set forth from 9th to 13th of October 2013 for 5 days. Their main focus is “Spotlight on Women” framed in their tagline ‘Girls its time to be the Heroes’!

There are two sections- Competitive and Non-Competitive sections. Under Competitive Section, there are 4 categories to participate from, viz., Short Film and Documentary Films where only films having at least One female in either Direction/ Editing/ Cinematography/ Screenplay/ Writer is eligible to apply; Public Service Announcement (PSA) known as ‘HER’ Film with the theme of “social cause of women” having eligibility open for both male and female and lastly Feature Film where the film to be eligible has to have female as the Director.

In the Non-Competitive Section, there are three categories, basically only for invited films but the festival also accepts suggestions of films from filmmakers for this section. The three categories are, World Cinebusters where winners and nominated films of women filmmakers (full length feature and full length documentary film only) will be screened; World Panorama where the festival plans on a nostalgic aura by screening films of women filmmakers, both old and new, one more time on their ‘Pink’ screen! The last category is the World Premiere wherein the festival gives a chance to premiere films of women filmmakers which have not been screened anywhere, like a first-time-ever screening.

Set on the month of October for 5 days, MWIFF offers screenings of films, masterclass (workshops), seminars, performances and much more in store, that can be found on their website at