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When she talks, I hear the revolution ♥ ( Kathleen Hanna, 1993)
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I am a chilean hyperactive artist who self-taught herself many things and disciplines including drawing, different languages, and filmmaking. My passion is Writing and Directing, which I somehow started doing (in a very primitive way) when I was 7. When I was 17 I took the (wrong) decision of study drama. I did it to the maximum of my capacity and graduated with honours but acting is a really strong process that many times is too harmful for me, and it is a big part of why I have such a great respect and empathy for people who are willing to perform (weather they are actors or not) in front of a camera or stage. I find it quite easy to connect with the performer’s vulnerability and I think that helps me to be a confident Director. Also thanks to theater I found the amazing group of talented friends who work with me and are willing to give life to my texts and crazy ideas, so it wasn't such a waste of time finding out later in life that I should have studied film instead.

I grew up surrounded by ugliness and broken people and somehow managed to find spaces of happyness and beauty in it, and that is always present in some way in my work. My main focus is women, lgbtq+, imagination as a refuge, examination and criticism of capitalist heteropatriarchy society, outcasts and emotions in a wide range. I really love bold, real, urban aesthetics with natural lighting... and animals, I would put them everywhere if I could.

I have had the luck of presenting my work in different places of the world through festivals, conferences and mostly thanks to the internet, and won some recognitions in the way, you can read about them here: link.

I have a feminist street theatre troupe with my soul sisters named Trenza Teatro and a film company named Reina Fungi Films and all of us are super willing to participate in new projects. So feel free to get in touch through all the social links listed above, and please take a look to our latest short film .