How to set up your agnès films member account

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Our member profiles have fields that ask you about what we think is the most relevant information toward having viewers learn more about your work and follow you on social media.

Please make sure to include a picture of yourself and a banner image. You can use a photo of yourself or a different image. The profiles will not show up without images. People really do look at these profiles (we know from Google Analytics that some of them get hundreds of views) so please make sure to fill them out with the information that you think will be the most beneficial to your career. 

Here are a couple profile examples:

You can see all our current profiles here:

Please follow the following instructions, composed by our web editor and visual designer Hannah Countryman, in order to update your profile:

Modifying your profile on agnès films

Go to

Log in with the email where you’re receiving this information and the password: af!team17women

You’ll be taken to your new profile. To fill out content, locate the settings icon on the right side just below the banner. Click on it, and select Edit Profile.

You’re here! Fill in the information relevant to you in the boxes provided, and be sure to select Update Profile at the bottom when you’re done to save your changes!

​​Adding Links

To add links in Film and Other Projects’ Websites or About Me, you’ll need to use the visual editor to turn text into a link. Highlight the text you want to be a link.

Hit Insert/Edit Link in the toolbar​. Next you’ll enter the URL in the box that shows up by the highlighted text.

That’s it! Once again, don’t forget to select Update Profile at the bottom when you’re done to save your changes!

Check out your new profile! You’re able to return to the edit section the same way and make changes anytime you like.

Changing your Password

You’ll also need to change your password. You can do this by visiting, or by selecting the setting button again and choosing My Account.

​In the left panel on the My Account page you’ll find a Change Password option. Remember that your current password is: af!team17women

​Now you’re ready to go! Thanks!

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Countryman at

Welcome to our community!

The agnès films staff.