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Faster Still

Review of Marie Ullrich’s Faster!

For much of the film’s short duration, we see Jasper zipping through the city streets on her bike, eyes staring directly forward with a sharp gaze that is intermittingly interrupted by the harsh voice of her dispatcher. Most of the time, we see Jasper’s body hunching forward, pushing herself ahead as she moves through the cars and pedestrians in her way.
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La Vie D’Adèle (Blue is the Warmest Color): When a Lesbian Narrative Wins the Palme d’or in Cannes : To Be, or Not To Be, a Lesbian.

Why so many become enraptured about lesbian sex on screen is already asked and answered: it sells. It is a well-known male fantasy, but as far as a female fantasy, this depends on how the scenes are shot. Maroh has already addressed the problems. The nearly 10-minute sex scene is considered “long” by both standards, and the primary selling point of the film.
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