Review Of Nicole Holofcener’s Enough Said

Review of Nicole Holofcener’s Enough Said

Chemistry, that ever-elusive quality between actors, becomes palpable between Louis-Dreyfus and Gandolfini. The wit and delightful awkwardness of Holofcener’s dialogue rolls out of their tongues with mesmerizing naturalness and we root for their love to succeed so we can watch them share the screen in another scene.

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A Materialist Film Practice In The Digital Age

A Materialist Film Practice in the Digital Age

My media practice always begins with some tangible phenomena. For this reason, I prefer to use methods that allow me to reflect on the “real” while at the same time re-shaping it. Light-sensitive emulsion is my gateway to re-imagining and re-experiencing the physical world in a tactile and connected way even as digital processes engulf contemporary art and commerce with virtual disconnected ease.

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Review Of Sally Potter’s Ginger And Rosa

Review of Sally Potter’s Ginger and Rosa

Ginger and Rosa begins quietly, focused on a grainy, color-saturated image of the most horrifying thing in the world: an atom bomb exploding. Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert) are born on the day the bomb drops on Hiroshima in 1945, their lives forever entwined in a frenzy of discovery for better or for worse.

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